Why not add on an extra to customise your event even more?
Mobile Disco Thetford


We have various Add-On options to help make your special occasion unique.

We may also be able to supply some of our equipment separate to add to your promotion or event. Please do get in touch with all details.



a) Venue Mood Lighting /  Up-Lighting for an atmospheric lighting effect. Units around your venue, from 'purple' to 'you' choose and we will provide.

Our indoor LED mood up-lighting set to suit the colour of your event at £15 a unit (individual add-on price), up to 20 additional units available. - These light your venue around the edges in stunning colours and use LED lamps so run cool, early arrival & set-up maybe required at additional cost - These are already included in the extra large set up. - ON OFFER SEE BELOW

b) Confetti Cannons - A Pair of professional Silver & White Confetti Cannons for your First Dance! We can set one off one after the other or ask your guests to set them off at a determined point in your song together. We can give the signal and Best Man & Bridesmaids are very handy for this!  £40 for a pair (x2 Confetti Cannons).

(Best to check with your venue they are okay with these being used for the mess afterwards). 

In Stock: x4 Pairs  (8 units total)

c) LED Robot Stilt Walker

Have your guests greated by our 2disco Robot!

With robot voice, GPS Headcam, Smokemachine, bright LEDs and laser sight/pointers 'he' will not be missed. Great for photos and opening events.

Add-on Price at £125 per half hour. (Time slot would have to be agreed, pending availability and suitability)

See the videos below and over 400 photos on our Facebook Page < Click Link

(x1 available)


d) 2mtr high 3mtr wide Video Screen!

Video screen ideal for concerts and adverts.

Display adverts and address your guests with this 2x3mtr LED screen. P3 RGB LED cloth (30mm Pitch)

(x1 available)

Video Screen - 2mtr high by 3mtr wide video, graphics and text LED screen cloth at £250 a night Add-On Price. - This is already included in the large and extra large set up

Emma or Neil our party entertainers will ensure to keep your little ones busy with prizes to be won and fun to be had.


Using our Kids size 2disco set-up or can be added to an existing set up that will provide the music and lighting.


Please see our Kids Party page for more Information.

Add-on Kids Entertainer, if you require one of our Kids Entertainer at your event with games and prizes to be won, please tell us the age range, time required and quantity of children and we will be happy to quote. As guide price as an add-on within disco booking runtime it's only £60 an hour, plus distance charge. If outside booking runtime, i.e. 2 hours before main disco it's £90 per hour (plus possibly a distance charge).

Emma and Neil are both DBS Enhanced checked.

e) Kids 2disco with Entertainer
Mobile Disco Thetford 2disco
Mobile Disco Thetford 2disco

f) White, Black or Hessian Set-Ups?

All our set-ups are available in Black or White included in the price.

You can also customise the DJ booth and covers as Add-on Cost Options:

Our NEW White with Heart Pattern DJ Booth and the drapes would be white.

You could also choose our Hessian Rustic Vintage DJ booth & drapes. The Hessian drapes, festoon lighting, bunting, looks fab and complements a country or a vintage themed wedding.


Plain Black or White option is a Free Cost Option.

White with Heart Pattern DJ Booth +£25 Cost Option

Our Hessian Rustic Vintage theme is available on our Small & Medium Set-Up at +£70 Cost Option.

*Photos showing DJ booth option with Star Cloth, these are now being phased out.

See our Set-Ups page or Gallery for more pictures.



g) Party Props!


Inflatable party props for quirky fun photos. Party Props, for £25 a set we supply inflatable party props for quirky fun photos. One set includes a minimum of x2 Inflatable guitars, x2 Saxophone, x2 Mics, x2 Wigs, x2 Glasses, x2 Feather Boa and x1 Giant bubble maker, all ready to add that something extra to your party - One set is already included with our extra large set up



h) 2.4mtr High Inflatable LED Heart


Perfect for photo opportunities and can be set to any colour. Our 2.4 mtr tall inflatable heart can set off your occasion with a focal point!

Brilliant for taking romantic photos in front of it / through it.

Giant Heart for +£50 Add-On Price. We now have an inflatable heart, perfect for wedding photos it can be set white or to match your colour scheme. This is already included with our extra large set up. Price on Application for separate hire, times required and maybe additional deposit required. With the happy couple in front or behind and looking through the arch of the heart centre it is a gorgeous prop for setting fantastic photographs. Here is a link to our facebook page photo album: CLICK HERE


(x1-off Available to hire with all leads and remote control)


i) Wedding Themed Lighting Option:


With our Professional Moving Heads we can set to match you wedding theme and these lights can be angled nearly anywhere but look fantastic on the floor or ceiling.


Have your wedding room, ceiling or dance floor lit up with these wedding gobo patterns stationary or scanning your room in 8 colour options and white.

FREE on our Medium Set-up upwards and a cost option of £40 on Small.


[Wikipedia : A gobo (or GOBO) is a physical stencil or template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light. The term "gobo" has come to generally refer to any device which produces patterns of light and shadow or various pieces of equipment that go before a light]


(x6-off Available)







j) Celebration Projector Option:


Project Your Celebration Wishes with 2disco.

We'll customise your special occasion by adding a unique celebration message, projected on the floor, ceiling or onto our projector screen.
It will be set to match the colour scheme of your event and we can even set our disco lights to match your colour scheme too.




Happy XXth Birthday Name  (Matched to theme)


Mr/s & Mr/s Name (With rotating heart,  confetti images & scrolls round to date too)



Now FREE on all our Set-ups, just ask if you do not wish to have it!



(x1-off Available on each disco set-up)


k) NEW - Sparkle Fountains!


Add to your First Dance a WOW factor with our cool Sparkle Fountain bursts! A brilliant photo opportunity.
New and unique, similar effect as indoor Fireworks our non-pyrotechnic cold Sparkle Fountain machines are without any explosive content, very little smoke and no smell!

We’re able to set the duration and timing of the Sparkle Fountains.
We offer a range of cost options from 15 seconds to 90 seconds bursts.

Great for Birthdays, Events & Shows too! Used at Robbie Williams’ concert & more.

If you would like to enquire or add our Sparkle Fountain display to your booking please do get in touch.

For your Wedding and First Dance the add-on cost is £95 for two units for 30 Seconds burst.

Optional £12 thereafter for additional 30 Second Bursts from both machines. (These 30 seconds can be split to two lots 15 seconds if needed for specific timing points in your First Dance, chorus etc).

Cost range available Minimum 1 lot at 30 Seconds use.

Then up to Maximum 3 lots of 30 Seconds / 1.5 Minutes.

(The standard 30 Seconds may sound short but it is in fact a long time for an effect like this. It only takes a couple of seconds for the wow factor then there is enough time to pull out a camera & capture this special moment).

We can also quote for bespoke occasions, events, shows and photo opportunities.  Imagine these set around some trees or an entrance arch with the sparkle light!

How they work: 

Special coated granules are put in the top of the machine. The machine heats to a ready state. The electric heated machine is like a kettle chamber, the coated granules are moved into this and heated up, and they are then forced out the top by a high power blower, emulating fireworks. They are cold to touch 150mm above the unit. As the units are electric we have total control on the amount of granules used, height, timing and also have an emergency stop button if ever needed (unlike pyrotechnics or fireworks, we can stop at any time). We have a risk assessment, PLI and all necessary safety equipment.

Please note: A small exclusion zone is required. May not be suitable for all venues.  A deposit of £50 is required to secure these for your booking date.

Approved & Tested for use at:  Lynford Hall Hotel, Mundford

                                                 Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford

                                                 The Riverside House Hotel, Mildenhall

Venue Management & Staff: If you would like us to come and demo them at your venue please do get in touch. We can talk through the safety, flame-less and smokeless aspect with our Risk Assessment and a Live Demo.

Our PLI document is available with all our others on our contact page in the top right hand corner.


Smartphone Pub Quiz 2disco

Smartphone Pub Quiz


Using your smart phone as a buzzer, (one smartphone or tablet per team) answer questions of general knowledge and trivia.

Brillaint for teambuilding or at begining of events, last approx 2 hours with intervals between rounds.

A fun event hosted by  2disco.co.uk, contact us for us to be at your event, social club or pub!


Click here or  the logo above to see the next booked public quiz events.


(x1-off Available to hire with host)



Discounts are offered for multiple bookings.

*Any older photos showing DJ booth option with Star Cloth, these are now being phased out and replaced with plain.

Price is on application, please contact us with full event details, date, venue and times required via our contact page.


Mobile Disco Thetford 2disco

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